International Institutional Partners

The University of Pavia, as part of the University Internationalization process, establishes relationships of academic collaboration and exchanges between students and professors with prestigious foreign universities. These relationships are established through Agreements in the general interest of the University which can be of a generic nature (Memorandum of Understanding) or negotiation (Framework Agreement for International Cooperation and Implementing Protocol) and may provide for different types of activities, including the mobility of teachers, researchers or students.

In order to establish an Agreement with the University of Pavia, follow this procedure (page only in Italian).

If you are an international partner institution wanting to send their students to the University of Pavia for an exchange mobility period, please visit this page.


The University of Pavia is a member of several important international networks, see here the list.

European Alliance “European Campus of City-Universities-EC2U”

The University of Pavia has joined the “European Campus of City-Universities-EC2U” Alliance since 2017.

Funded by the European Commission during the second pilot call, the project officially started on November 1, 2020.

EC2U is an Alliance that brings together seven historical and multidisciplinary universities (Coimbra, Iasi, Jena, Pavia, Poitiers-coordinator, Salamanca, Turku), which share a strong international vocation and at the same time a strong local roots, a factor that makes them university-city. In fact, the associated partners include the seven municipalities, as well as other socio-economic actors in the area (technological poles, student associations, chambers of commerce).

The Alliance’s goal is to create a true pan-European campus, creating a shared governance model, exponentially increasing mobility within the seven academic communities and developing innovative models in the fields of education, research and third mission.

3 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) have been taken as a reference point:

# SDG3 Good Health and Well Being;
# SDG4 Quality Education;
# SDG11 SustainableCities and Communities

The first three years of the project will develop objectives around these three UNSDGs, such as the establishment of joint Masters and Virtual Institutes.

Find more here


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