The Ateneo Card is the identification card of University of Pavia students and is issued by Banca Popolare di Sondrio.

The card can be activated -without any costs- as a prepaid rechargeable credit card and will be used by the University to credit any refunds, scholarships and sums due for student collaborations. It can also be used in stores in contactless mode and for internet purchases.
Once your Ateneo Card is ready, you will receive an email from the University notifying its availability and instructions on how to collect it.

Then, in order to activate it as a credit card, you will need to book an appointment at the bank by sending an email to pavia.succursale@popso.it

Documents to be handed in:

  • Passport or valid ID
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) of your abroad residence
  • Address of your abroad residence
  • Residence Permit (Non-EU only) If you do not still hold it: Receipt of the Residence Permit + Self-certification of enrolment at the University, to be downloaded from the Student Portal
  •  Italian Tax Code
  • Address in Italy
  • Italian mobile phone number
  • University ID number (“matricola”)
  • Ateneo Card number

Before being able to make any transaction, it is necessary to make an initial deposit on your bank account. The procedures to open the bank account and transfer the funds will take up to 15 days, so make sure you have enough money on arrival.

Ateneo+ Card, if activated, allows you to:

  • receive transfers from the University of Pavia such as tax refunds, scholarships, Erasmus, etc …;
  • pay university fees;
  • send wire transfers in Italy and in the European countries of the SEPA area;
  • activate the domiciliation of users (PayTV, telephone operators, ADSL, etc …);
  • purchase goods and services in affiliated businesses that display the Mastercard logo in Italy and abroad, including online;
  • withdraw from all ATMs (in Italy and abroad).

We point out that the card also allows payments to the University of Pavia without any increase in expenses and commissions, also through the new pagoPA system.

For more information, visit the page www.ateneopiu.it

The Smart Card allows students to access controlled-entry libraries and to use drinking water dispensers.
To get their card, Degree seeking students have to send an email to tessere@unipv.it specifying their name, Tax Code and course of enrollment. On the other hand, Exchange students will be directly provided with it by the International Mobility Office.