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The Research and Third Mission Unit of the University of Pavia supports researchers who wish to receive funds for their research projects, throughout the whole project life-cycle – from project design to proposal, from grant management to audit.


Updates on research opportunities
Since 2018, the Research and Third Mission Unit publishes a bimonthly newsletter – READINg – where researchers can find updates on funding opportunities.
Another innovative project is Be Curious-UNIPV, which provides multimedia coverage on Facebook and Twitter about call for proposals and funding opportunities.
Finally, in order to submit specific requests, researchers may use the Research Scouting Template where they can inform the Research and Third Mission Unit about their prevailing research interests.


For all requests related to proposal preparation and grant management

Research and Third Mission Unit – email: uoc.ricerca@unipv.it
Dott.ssa Sofia Baggini (Head of the Research and Third Mission Unit)
Tel. 0382/984227 sofia.baggini@unipv.it

National financing schemes
Dott.ssa Chiara Gastaldi chiara.gastaldi@unipv.it, +39 0382 984689
Dott.ssa Elisabetta Ferrari  elisabetta.ferrari@unipv.it, +39 0382 984399
Dott.ssa Alice Pedrali  alice.pedrali@unipv.it, +39 0382 984643

International Financing Schemes
Dott. Andrea Carini  andrea.carini@unipv.it, +39 0382 984751
D.ssa Gabriella Bonfanti gabriella.bonfanti@unipv.it, +39 0382 984091
D.ssa Monica Borin monica.borin@unipv.it  +39 0382 984655 (also for research quality, IRIS)
Dott.ssa Gloria Civardi  gloria.civardi@unipv.it, +39 0382 984635
D.ssa Valentina Gritti  valentina.gritti@unipv.it, +39 0382 984753 (also for research quality, IRIS)
Dott. Donato Gualtieri donato.gualtieri@unipv.it, +39 0382 984987

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