The University of Pavia is renowned for offering its researchers a unique working and research environment, with world-class facilities, infrastructures and laboratory equipment. Its administrative staff ensures a qualified and full-fledged support – from proposal preparation to grant management – to researchers wishing to choose Pavia as their Host Institution in the framework of national and international funding schemes.
Beyond boosting the opportunities for young talents already working at the University of Pavia, the new ATTRACTION+ program has been launched in order to gain high ranking researchers with innovative projects at the international level by offering non-tenure track or fixed term positions, and “start-up” packages, composed of funding which is partly infrastructural in nature, and partly covering the financial cost of personnel working on the projects.

Department of Excellence
5 of the 18 Departments of the University of Pavia have been selected in 2017 by the Italian Ministry for University and Research as “Departments of Excellence”, i.e. among the 180 Departments that – as a consequence of the high quality of the research and scientific development initiatives carried out – have benefitted from a 5-year extra-ordinary funding scheme (amounting to €37.3M to be spent in the period 2018-2022) aimed at strengthening research and teaching skills. This award will provide the opportunity to significantly enhance excellence research in the topics identified by the Departments through the increase of human capital and the acquisition of extremely advanced research equipment.

Department of Biology and Biotechnology “Lazzaro Spallanzani” (€8M)
Healthy ageing
Antibiotic resistance
Environmental sustainability

Department of Physics (€7,3M)
Biomedic Physics for the Treatment and Diagnosis of Tumors
Quantistic Physics: foundations and technologies

Department of Mathematics “Felice Casorati” (€6,6M)
All research areas

Department of Molecular Medicine (€8M)
Rare hearth, skeletal, nervous system and blood diseases
Diseases deriving from proteins’ misfolding
Byology and treatment of tumors
Tissue regeneration

Department of Humanities (€8M)
The Ancient world as pluricultural, Mediterranean and Euro-Asiatic network
Italian literary civilization
Modern language linguistics. English as a linguistic object and as literary object.

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)
The main principle underpinning the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) ideology is to involve the society as a whole, or at least as many actors as possible (including researchers, policy makers, educators, business and industry innovators, civil society, organizations), in the R&I process in order to align its outcomes with the values, needs and expectations that the society shares. As a consequence, each RRI dimension faces a different aspect of the relationship between research and society: Public Engagement, Science Literature and Science Education, Gender Equality, Ethics, Open Access, and Governance.
The implementation of RRI practices is not only ethically and socially crucial, but also promotes better the development of better science, the diversification of research agendas, and enhance the proper account of real-world complexities.
Since 2016 – when the Lombardy Region and Cariplo Foundation financed the MEGAsTaRproject, and later on with the INROAd project – the University of Pavia has conducted an internal study to provide an update picture on the dimensions of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) at the university, as well as a comprehensive overview of the main RRI parameters in a way that fosters the application of RRI principles at all organizational levels.
As part of this RRI initiative, the University of Pavia has recently approved its Open Access strategy and has implemented a repository (IRIS) where all researchers may upload their publications and research outputs.

National and International Network
The University of Pavia is actively involved – in cooperation with other Universities, research centers and business organizations – in the main national and international networks for the promotion and implementation of research:
– Netval (Network for the Valorization of University Research)
– Coimbra Group, to promote international academic cooperation for research excellence according to institutional best practices and to influence European policies on research
– European University Association, with a primary role in the Bologna process and influence on EU policies regarding higher education, research and innovation.

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