The University of Pavia (UNIPV) boosts a centuries-old tradition of excellence in research, having had as part of its faculty 3 Nobel Prize Winners (Camillo Golgi, Giulio Natta and Carlo Rubbia) and world-famous scholars such as Alessandro Volta, Antonio Scarpa and Gerolamo Cardano.

Still at present, research is a primary mission for our University. In fact, UNIPV enjoys worldwide recognition in many areas of research as demonstrated by the prizes awarded to its research and teaching staff, the impact of the researches carried out, the number of competitive research projects won, the national and international cooperation and collaborative networks.

In addition, the University of Pavia pays particular attention to the constant improvement of its research infrastructures: as a research-intensive university, the University of Pavia hosts state-of-the-art equipment, laboratories and infrastructures and cooperates in many national, EU and international projects with public and private institutions, enterprises and companies.

Finally, a strategic decision of our University is to invest in human capital by investing on young researchers’ skills, creativity and passion.

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