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Documents required for your stay




EU citizens do not need a visa to enter Italy.

Non-EU student residing outside of Italy need to start the online pre-enrollment application in order to request the visa.

To find out whether you need to apply for a study visa (type D) at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence, and what documentation you need, follow this link.
Further and detailed information is available here: procedures for entry, residency and enrolment of International students.


As established by the Ministry of University and Research (MUR), the pre-enrollment request will be submitted online through the platform Universitaly. The pre-enrollment platform will open approximately in late March. Consult the guidelines here.

Bear in mind to upload:

  • high school diploma or bachelor degree
  • translation of your documentation in English or Italian
  • passport
  • admission/conditional offer letter

Deadline to submit your pre-enrollment application is 31 August.

If we have not received your pre-enrollment application through the portal, we will not confirm your enrollment at the University.


The pre-enrollment for visa application must be completed at the competent diplomatic-consular mission. Check the Embassy/Consulate contacts here.


With the visa you are allowed to travel back and forth to Italy.
Remember to upload it in your Student Portal and send it to admission@unipv.it to confirm your enrollment at the University of Pavia.


After the enrollment, students must provide the following documents to Admission Office (admission@unipv.it) :

a. Students enrolling in a bachelor degree program:

  • high school diploma (original copy, certified copy or replacement certificate) translated into Italian and legalized by the Italian embassy/consulate or apostilled;
  • DOV(Dichiarazione di valore) to be requested to the Italian embassy in the diploma issuing country OR CIMEA Statement of comparability.

b. Students enrolling in a master degree program:

  • bachelor degree diploma (original copy, certified copy or replacement certificate) translated into Italian and legalized by the Italian embassy/consulate or apostilled. In case the document is issued in English language by the home university, no translation is needed.
  • DOV(Dichiarazione di valore) to be requested to the Italian embassy in the diploma issuing country OR CIMEA Statement of comparability OR Diploma Supplement.

In case the Italian embassy/consulate or CIMEA delays issuing the relevant documents, students will be asked to fill in and sign a self-certification in order to finalize the enrollment.


Students who want fees to be adjusted to their family economic situation must provide THESE DOCUMENTS and/or I.S.E.E. as per the fees regulation explained here.


Codice fiscale (Tax code) is a tax identification number which is necessary to open a bank account, rent privately, buy a SIM card and apply for residence permit.

Please be aware that the only governamental body that can issue official codice fiscale is Agenzia delle Entrate. Feel free to contact the Welcome Office (welcomeoffice@unipv.it) in case you have doubts on your tax code.

In order to get it, enrolled Students must:

a) require it to the Italian embassy during the visa application process or during the DoV request process. In order to be valid it must be issued on a stamped paper by the Agenzia delle Entrate.


b) after enrollment, write an email to Agenzia delle Entrate (dp.pavia.utpavia@agenziaentrate.it )with the following text:

“Gentilissimi, vi inoltro la mia richiesta di codice fiscale. Sono uno studente internazionale immatricolato presso l’Università di Pavia, numero di matricola xxxxx (specify your matriculation number). Allego il mio documento di identità , il modello AA4/8 compilato in lingua inglese. Molte grazie per l’attenzione, Cordiali saluti”

As well as attach to the email:

  • your ID document (passport or identity card)
  • this form (completed with all the required info) – Instructions on how to complete the formDatas must be exactly the same as the passport and the Italian address is mandatory!
  • Non-EU students should also include their visa

You will be emailed the Tax code in 5 working days.

Concerning Exchange Students, the Erasmus office will ask for the Tax Code directly to the Tax Office. Tax codes will be sent by mail to each student.



International students must cover the whole length of their studies in Italy with a Health Insurance.

Being covered by a Health Insurance is compulsory in order to apply for the Residence Permit that will last as long as your health insurance.

You have three options:

a) Register with the Italian National Health Service (“SSN”) to get the Health Card (“Tessera Sanitaria”) and rely on public Healthcare as if you were Italian. The SSN will give you access to a general practitioner and reduced prices for medical examinations and treatments.
The registration runs from January to December, therefore in January of the following year it must be renewed.
In order to register, you must go to the Post Office (Piazza della Posta 1, Pavia) and pay a 149,77€ payment form (“bollettino”) to be filled in with the following information:
“C/C postale n. 379222 – Intestato a: Amministrazione P.T. Regione Lombardia – Causale: iscrizione volontaria S.S.N.”
Upon receiving the receipt of payment, you will be able to apply for the Permit of Stay, as outlined below. Then, after submitting the application for the Residence Permit, you will need to book an appointment at ASST Pavia Healthcare Centre (Via Indipendenza 3, Pavia) to finalize your registration and be assigned a doctor.
Required documents:

  • Passport
  • Tax code
  • Receipt of the Residence Permit application
  • Receipt of the payment for registration with the Italian National Health Service (“SSN”)
  • Self-certification of enrolment at the University (to download from the Student Portal)
  • Self-certification of residence (available at the ASST office)

Make sure you have registered an Italian address with your fiscal code or the ASST officers will not be able to register you in the SSN.

b) Purchase a private Health Insurance from abroad or in Italy.
Please note that private insurances mainly cover expenses only if you are hospitalized by ambulance or through the Emergency Room: if you choose this option, make sure to check all the contract conditions.


Non-EU students must request the Residence Permit (“Permesso di soggiorno”) within 8 days from their arrival in Italy.

In order to be assisted in filling out the Residence Permit application (“KIT”), book an appointment at:

Help Desk Permit of Stay
Questura, Via Rismondo 68, Pavia

Required documents:

  • Photocopy of your passport (without blank pages)
  • Photocopy of a health insurance policy (public or private)/receipt of the payment of SSN registration. The duration of your health insurance/SSN registration will determine the expiration date of your residence permit!
  • Proof of enrolment at the University of Pavia: self-certification of enrolment at the University (to download from the Student Portal)
  • Proof of accomodation: photocopy of your house lease or, if guest in one of the residences, a letter signed by the rector or the bursar of the residence
  • Proof of economic support: photocopy of scholarship/bank account details/front and back of your credit card
  • A 16€ revenue stamp (“marca da bollo”), to buy at the tobacco shop

Once the KIT has been filled in, you must hand it in to the Post Office (Piazza della Posta 1, Pavia) in order to send it to the Immigration Authorities. Fees will cost 146,92 €.
After sending the KIT you will receive a receipt of your application, which will have the same value as the Residence Permit until the document is ready, so remember to always carry it with you.
Lastly you will receive a text message with an appointment date for photo signalling and taking your fingerprints at Questura di Pavia. When going to the appointment, do not forget to bring the originals of all the above-mentioned documents, the Post Office receipt and 4 passport photos (with white background).
The status of your Residence Permit can always be checked on Portale Immigrazione (use the username and password that can be found on the Post Office receipt).


Many banks have low fees account offers for students.

Banca Popolare di Sondrio (Piazzale Ponte Coperto Ticino 11, Pavia) is the treasury bank of the University which offers the possibility to open a bank account at special conditions.

The Ateneo Card is the identification card of University of Pavia students and is issued by Banca Popolare di Sondrio.

The card can be activated -without any costs- as a prepaid rechargeable credit card and will be used by the University to credit any refunds, scholarships and sums due for student collaborations. It can also be used in stores in contactless mode and for internet purchases.
Once your Ateneo Card is ready, you will receive an email from the University notifying its availability. After that you will be able to collect it by booking an appointment at the Student Administration Office.

Then, in order to activate it as a credit card, you will need to book an appointment at the bank by sending an email to pavia.succursale@popso.it

Documents to be handed in:

  • Passport or valid ID
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) of your abroad residence
  • Address of your abroad residence
  • Residence Permit (Non-EU only) If you do not still hold it: Receipt of the Residence Permit + Self-certification of enrolment at the University, to be downloaded from the Student Portal
  •  Italian Tax Code
  • Address in Italy
  • Italian mobile phone number
  • University ID number (“matricola”)
  • Ateneo Card number

Before being able to make any transaction, it is necessary to make an initial deposit on your bank account. The procedures to open the bank account and transfer the funds will take up to 15 days, so make sure you have enough money on arrival.

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