During your university career, you can submit the official request ‘Istanza al Rettore’ (only once) to temporarily suspend your study if any of the following situations applies to:
– Enroll in a specialization school
– Enroll in a PhD course
– Enroll in a short-term program
– Enroll in a foreign university (exchange programs not included)
– Pregnancy and maternity

This suspension period is not included in the calculation of withdrawal from studies and it cannot be:
– higher than the normal duration of the study programme: 3 years for Bachelor or 2 years for Master
– lower than one academic year

During the suspension period, you cannot attend didactic activities, you cannot participate in the assessment tests; obtain changes of programme, transfers or other administrative measures, you cannot obtain financial aid.

Furthermore, for the whole suspension period, you cannot register to exams. If you are a student with non-EU citizenship, you will not be able to get useful certificates to the issuing of the residence permit . Find out more about the Documents Required for Your Stay in Italy.

Interruption of studies is automatically applied if you do not renew your registration by paying university tuition fees within the deadlines provided. You cannot attend lectures, take exams, obtain changes of programme, transfers or other measures, obtain any financial aid.
If you already paid for first instalment of the current year and you interrupt your studies without paying the second instalment, this second amount, including additional late payment, will be charged when you decide to resume your studies.

Withdrawal from Studies

In order to officially withdraw from studies, students have to apply for it from their personal area on the unipv website Area Riservata. Go to Home>Careers>Cancel Enrollment  and fill all the blanks. Complete the process by going Home>Payments (in your personal area) and paying 16€ revenue stamp.

The receipt that you will be able to download at the end of the process does not have to be forwarded to the administrative office.

It is possible to withdraw from studies anytime during the academic year. It is not mandatory to pay all the tuition fees due at the moment of the withdrawal but it is mandatory not to have any current debts with EDiSU.

It will be possible to obtain certificates from our university that refer only to the academic year covered by tuition fees that have been regularly paid.

The withdrawal cannot be revoked but it will be possible to enroll again to the same course or to a different course if the student wishes so. It is also possible, in case of a new enrollment, to submit a request to have all previous studies included in the new enrollment by following these specific instructions: https://web.unipv.it/formazione/prevalutazioni-carriere-pregresse/

The information published on this page is dedicated to current students to our bachelor and master degree programmes. Students interested in postgraduate courses are invited to read the dedicated pages or they may write to: sportellospecialita@unipv.it – sportellopostlaurea@unipv.it

Loss of student status
Loss of students status is a condition that implies to not continue the university career started by the student.
A student loses the student status if he has not acquired all the educational credits (ECTS) provided by his/her Study Programme (except those related to the final exam) within 4 years after the date of the last exam .
If you are an international student, with a valid residence permit, the loss of student status implies the loss of requirements to stay. Therefore, if you intend to proceed with a new registration, you need to apply for a new student visa.


Transferring from the University of Pavia to another University

If you want to move to another Italian university, first of all, we suggest you to be informed about the terms and conditions of admission to the university where you want to move.
You can apply for a transfer from July 3rd to December 15th 2023 and in this case you don’t have to renew your enrollment for academic year 2023/2024 at University of Pavia.

To ask for transfer, you must hand the following documents to the Student’s Affairs Office:
Transfer to other University form
– make a payment of 325€ (contact Filo Diretto in advance for the payment detail)
– a revenue stamp of 16€;
– For student transferring to a medicine, dentistry, healthcare professions and architecture program in another University an official acceptance letter issued by the university where you want to move.

Changing degree program within the University of Pavia
If you are already enrolled in a Bachelor or Master’s Degree held by University of Pavia and would like to switch to another programme, please read carefully the following information:

Change to 1st year of another course: check the call for applicants of that course if you have to take the admission test before making your request; otherwise submit your request directly from the Student Portal during the period from 28th June to 30th September 12.00 pm. For the courses which don’t require a compulsory admission test, students can submit the changing degree programme request even after 30th September but before 17th December 2021 with a penalty.

Change to post 1st year of another course: submit the evaluation request following the indications for each course. You can pass to the new degree course if the result of evaluation is affirmative.

Please note: after the submission of the transfer request, students will not be able to sit for exams.
Students do not have to pay the installments of the academic year in which they ask for the transfer. All the fees already paid will not be refunded. Any overdue installment, penalty or service fee must be paid off.
In case your payments of university tuition fees are not in order, the application can be accepted only after the regularization of payments.

When a student is about to graduate, he/she must follow these steps:

1. Check deadlines on department’s website: it helps to know the deadline for the submission of each documents/requests.

2. Fill in questionnaire on Almalaurea: the questionnaire aims to collect evaluation and opinions about the
university’s life. It aims to collect evaluation and opinions about your experience as an university student; it is available in Student Portal – Conseguimento Titolo – Registrazione/Accesso Almalaurea.

3. Submit graduation request: after the questionnaire, the Student Portal system opens the section ‘Conseguimento titolo’ where students can submit the graduation request on-line.

Please see this page for more details How to submit graduation request page.


Self-declaration: According to the Presidential Decree n. 445 of 28 th December 2000, it is possible to submit to administrations or to public bodies in Italy a self-declaration instead of an official certificate. Students can download the self-declarations of different kinds from Student Portal – Admissions – Self-declaration.

Official certificate: an official certificate can be issued only by Student’s Affair Office upon request. For each issued certificate a revenue stamp of 16 euros will be required. Graduates unable to reach Pavia, can submit their request through Filo Diretto or Unipvinforma by filling in the request form.

Diploma supplement: a diploma supplement can be required directly in Student’s Affair Office during the opening hours. Graduates unable to reach Pavia, can submit their request through Filo Diretto or Unipvinforma by filling in the request form. Upon receiving the request, Student’s Affair Office prepares the Diploma Supplement within 15 days without charging any service fee.

Graduation parchment: it is possible to collect the graduation parchment related to graduates by  the 2020/2021 academic year.

Where: Students Administrative Office – Via Sant’Agostino, 1
Until 5 June 2022: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9: 00/12: 00 – Wednesday: 13.45 / 16.45
From 6 June to 31 August 2022: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9: 00/12: 00 – 13: 00/16: 00
Exclusively by appointment to be booked here.

What you need: identity document or delegation on plain paper and copy of the identity document of the delegator. For graduations up to and including 30 April 2006, a € 16.00 duty stamp is required. Each delegate can collect up to a maximum of three graduation parchments including his own.

Shipping: it is only possible to delegate a courier, with delegation on plain paper and copy of the identity document of the delegator. The collection can only take place by appointment on the days indicated above.

For further information please contact Informastudenti.

Parchment duplicate: it is possible to request a duplicate in case of theft, loss or deterioration of the original degree parchmet or following the modification of personal data, by presenting:

  • Application  with duty stamp by the Student Administrative Office;
  • Self-certification of the theft or loss of the original title or modification of personal data by delivering the original deteriorated which will be canceled;
  • Proof of payment of the specific contribution (information on the application).

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