AlmaLaurea Job Vacancy and CV Database
The University of Pavia, in collaboration with AlmaLaurea, manages a Job Placement Portal for the publication of internships and job offers, as well as student’s and graduate’s CVs for employers to consult.

CV online database, for students and graduates
All UNIPV students and graduates can upload their CV to the AlmaLaurea database in order to apply for vacancies. There is the option upon registration to make the CV visible to companies registered with the portal. The visibility of data can be edited by the user at any time. Users can choose to also upload their CV in English.

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If you have forgotten your login credentials go here or please contact supporto.laureati@almalaurea.it


Jobteaser Platform

JobTeaser Unipv is an online job board free of charge  where employers can post international job and internship opportunities to students and newgraduates of our University.


Your curriculum vitae and cover letter are important tools in searching for a job.

Curriculum Vitae (Resume)

A CV should give information about yourself, past experience, qualifications, and skills. The object of a CV is to get an interview, so it should be brief and efficient, getting across the key information.

It is useful to have a CV in the Europass format as it may be specifically requested for certain opportunities. Preparing a CV in this format is also a good exercise for those writing their CV for the first time, as it helps to understand what information is necessary, how to organize it and what terminology to use.

Europass CV Format 

The nature of the Europass CV however is quite long, so it is also useful to prepare a personalized, more versatile CV.

Cover Letter

The cover letter, also called the motivation letter, accompanies your CV and explains why you have chosen to apply for the position in question. Just as your CV must be adapted accordingly, the cover letter must seem authentic and unique with the aim to intrigue those who receive it.

There are multiple forms in which to submit your cover letter, which will be laid out below.

The format of your motivation letter also depends on the situation of your application.

LinkedIn Profile

“Relationships matter” is the slogan of LinkedIn, a social business-oriented network that was founded in 2002 and today has 300 million users across the world. LinkedIn’s main objective is to allow users to develop a professional network. It is possible to meet people you may want to collaborate with, or even find a job through your network.

It is essential to create a profile that is both captivating and professional.


To prepare students and graduates for entering the world of work, the Career service (C.OR.) offers free individual placement services: one-to-one meetings with a counselor to answer your questions and help you begin to search for a job.

How do I enter the world of work? What am I looking for? How do I write a CV?

These questions can be relevant to everyone, but the answers are different as they take into account the individual path of every student- their aspirations and personality.

CV Checking Service

The Career Service C.OR. offers a personalized service to improve your Curriculum Vitae. To arrive prepared for your CV check, we suggest that you consult this webpage. (link to CV page)

Bring your CV, and our experts will help you to improve it to showcase your abilities.

Duration: 30 minutes

Careers Counselling and CV check 

This service aims to support the transition of students and graduates from university to the world of work. It focuses on:

  • Development of a work or training project
  • Identifying an appropriate path for the student
  • Use tools to search for jobs

Duration: 30 minutes

To book a meeting, send an email to placement@unipv.it


The annual career fair is organized in springtime by the Career Service in collaboration with the participating companies.

Moreover, all over the year the Career Service promotes recruiting online events, virtual job fair, webinars, workshops and other placement initiatives managed in collaboration with companies.

Learn more here

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