The Career Service (also known as C.OR. Centro ORientamento) offers several online tools to find internship and placement opportunities in Italy and abroad for the University of Pavia new graduates (up to 12 months since graduation).

Moreover it promotes placement events and initiatives in collaboration with companies and offers individual services to support the transition into the job market.

Most of the online tools and all the individual services are offered only in Italian.

Website (only in italian)

Contact: placement@unipv.it


Curricular internship within the University of Pavia

The University of Pavia offers students the opportunity to carry out a curricular internship lasting six months within its own structures.
The internship is additional to the student’s study plans, but can also be aimed at the recognition of ECTS, upon request by the student and subject to evaluation and approval by the competent teaching structure.
A monthly contribution of € 280.00 is provided as expense-reimbursement.

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Curricular internship outside the University of Pavia

The curricular internship is an experience that takes place outside the University, during the academic career. it is aimed to foster a first direct contact of the student with the world of work, as well as to integrate his/her studies with practical training. After the curricular internship, a specific number of credits is obtained (it varies according to each degree course).

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Erasmus Traineeship
The Erasmus Traineeship program allows you to spend an internship period of minimum 2 and maximum 12 months in a European company.

Contact: train.erasmus@unipv.it
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Do you want to become a tutor?

Tutoring is the service that supports students during their academic life, from the moment they enter the university until the threshold of graduation.

If you want to become a tutor you will collaborate to refine the available resources and help students to face the possible difficulties during different phases of their training process.

Your task will be to create opportunities for integration of traditional courses with appropriate spaces for those who need more personalized and participatory teaching moments.

Tutors will help students throughout their course of study, with the activities being divided into three distinct types:

Informative: Providing information on schedules, programmes, levels of study, and other practical topics
Cognitive: Giving seminars on selected topics, providing interactive education for small groups (10-20 students), assisting with new and difficult material, advising on study methods and practice exams
Psychological: Responding to educational problems, conducting individual and group counselling
Applications are open twice a year: once in September and once in May. Please note that you cannot act as a tutor in the same academic year as having a part-time job with the University.

Pay: About €14/hour

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The University of Pavia offers all regularly enrolled students the possibility to apply for a part-time job at its offices, laboratories and departments. Please note that the following groups are not eligible for this initiative: those in the first year of a Bachelor-year; those enrolled in a single-cycle course; those who moved to the University of Pavia in 2020-21; and those who have enrolled in the first year of a two-year master’s degree while waiting to obtain the first level degree at another university.

The proposed activities are exclusively aimed to improve services for students and fall within one of the following types:
A. Information and orientation of students
A1. Supporting student registration
B. Assisting students on international mobility
C. Assisting differently-abled students
D. Supporting the organisation and development of cultural, scientific and sport events, and the communication area
E. Support, documentation, and assistance in: university libraries, museums and archives; teaching and scientific institutions; student services, and other spaces open to students
F. Collaboration and assistance with the operation and storage of IT facilities, and the recording, filing and storing of data

Hours: 50-150 hours/year
Pay: €7.75/hour, tax-free

Positions will be assigned on the basis of academic merit. To participate, international students must have a good command of the Italian language.

Read the call 2023 for positions in Pavia
Read the call 2023 for positions in Cremona
Log in to studentionline.unipv.it
In the menu on the left, click SEGRETERIA and then PART TIME.
Select the announcement you wish to apply for.
You can choose up to three programs, one of which must be Administration or Libraries and Museums. Select the programs in order of preference and types.
Make sure your information is correct and if it is not (e.g. an exam has not yet been registered), check your reserved area.
Once you are sure, click on ISCRIVITI and print the receipt.

Students that began a Master’s degree course in the 2022/2023 academic year and obtained their first-level degree at another Italian university, should send an email to part_time-studenti@unipv.it attaching a self-certification of obtaining the degree, showing the academic years of registration.

Students that began a Master’s degree course in the 2022/23 academic year and obtained their first-level degree at a foreign university will be included in the ranking if in possession of a Declaration of Value with a final grade. In this case, an equivalence will be established between their final mark and the Italian system of evaluation (out of 110).

Email: part_time.studenti@unipv.it
Phone no.: 0382 98 4417/4051

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The Career Service C.OR. supports current students through different types of activities: strategic support projects with peer tutors, specific courses for the newly enrolled, exercises targeting exam preparation and workshops aimed at enhancing and developing study methods.

The service intends to promote the acquisition of skills, strategies and abilities necessary to achieve educational goals in a general climate of individual and academic well-being.

The guidance center creates and/or promotes courses dedicated to students with specific needs or fragilities. The service comprises different courses that vary according to the student’s needs.


The pre-courses are meetings with expert students selected to favor the regularity and development of the lessons, as a sort of introduction to study. It is a service aimed at freshmen in the first weeks of the first semester.


Support for the study method (3ESSE – wellness project)

These are meetings and workshops with an expert useful for experimenting with effective study strategies, organizing study time, scheduling exams effectively, addressing or finding a listening space for problems that could create difficulties in daily life at the University.


I want to stay in Unipv

“I want to stay in Unipv” is a project aimed at students late in their exams who, through direct contact with their referring teacher, will be able to make the most of the opportunities that the University of Pavia offers (counselling, workshops, meetings with an au pair tutor) to overcome any career obstacles, take exams, live the university period to the fullest.


Examination tests simulation laboratories

In the period preceding the exam sessions, freshmen can participate in test simulations with the guidance of students who are experts in the subject. These exercises help to gain awareness about their preparation, will facilitate engagement with more experienced au pair tutors, and will ease the acquirement of skills related to the management of emotions that could compromise the result of the exam.



Master Programs “Plus” are learning tracks with focus on the student as an active player in the job life, working in one of the projects partners, companies/industries and organizations.

§  The LM+ idea is completely different from a Master Degree Program, as it comprises an internship or a stage in its study curriculum, and the working activity developed by the student will be considered as a part of an academic path focused on providing specific professional competencies.

During the chosen Master Program, the student will be enrolled for 5 semesters, instead of the standard 4, 2 of them spent as a learning experience in a firm or organization (which can also plan some time abroad).

LM+ Master degree programs list

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