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How to apply to the University of Pavia?
Consult the application portal apply.unipv.eu and follow the instructions.

What’s the admission procedure for an international prospective student?
If you are a EU prospective student and have obtained your diploma or degree outside Italy, apply here: fill the online application form, upload the documents requested, do the selective interview or the selective test, if requested, and get your admission letter from the Unipv Committee.
If you are a non-EU prospective student who needs a study visa to enter Italy and have obtained your diploma/degree outside Italy, apply here until April, 12 2023: fill the online application form, upload the documents requested, do the selective interview or the selective test, if requested, and get your admission letter from the Unipv Committee. Then submit your pre-enrollment and VISA request to the Italian Embassy in your Country through the Universitaly platform.
The application fee for Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs is 35 €.

Is there a deadline to apply?
Yes, the intake for a.y. 23/24 is divided in six calls: consult the calendar and the deadlines here.

When will I receive the results of my applications?
Results will be sent approximately 3-4 weeks after the closure of the call. Consult the calendar here.
After the submission of your application you will receive information on its status; furthermore, if you apply to a Master’s degree program you will most likely be invited for an interview.

Does the University of Pavia offer any English-taught degree program?
The University of Pavia offers:

  • one English-taught Bachelor’s degree program, see here
  • a number of English-taught Master Degree programs, listed here
  • some English-taught Vocational Programs, see here 

I can speak Italian and would like to study an Italian-taught degree course.
Check our Italian-taught Bachelor and Master program offer and choose the right program for you. Please note that international students wishing to apply for a Program taught in Italian are required to have a minimum Level B2 certificate of proficiency in Italian ( CILS, CELI, Roma3 o PLIDA). Candidates who do not hold such a certificate will be required to sit an admission test for Italian language and culture in Pavia in September.

Alternatively we suggest to enroll for the Foundation year course, a one full year preparatory course of Italian Language designed for students who want to access undergraduate degrees taught in Italian at the University of Pavia. The course includes:
– 420 hours of Italian language and Culture course from October 2023 until June 2024.
– 300 hours of Area Study courses taught in Italian from February 2023 until June 2024.
Students who pass the Foundation year final exams will meet the minimum entry requirements for undergraduate study at the University of Pavia and will be exempted from the Italian Proficiency University admission test. Furthermore, if they enroll in one of the University of Pavia Bachelor’s degree programs, they are eligible to apply for a fee waiver for the first year.

Where can I learn Italian language or other foreign languages at University of Pavia?
The University’s language center is a place where students can study a language and take certification test. It’s also the center which organizes the Italian language test for foreign students applied to Italian-taught degree courses.

Do I need to know Italian if I am not from Italy and do not speak the language?
YES! For any Italian taught programme, you will need a B2 level knowledge of Italian language.

I have a foreign university qualification, how can I apply?
CIMEA is the official Italian centre within the NARIC – National Academic Recognition Information Centres – engaged in the field of information and consulting services relating to the procedures for the recognition of academic qualifications and to issues relating to Italian and international higher education and training. Please visit the CIMEA website.

Visa FAQ
I am an EU student, do I need a visa in order to come to Pavia?
No, you do not.

I am a non-EU student, do I need a visa in order to come to Pavia?
Yes, you do.
Follow this link to find out whether you need to apply for a study visa (type D) at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence and what documentation you need.

I am a British citizen, do I need a visa?
Yes, you do.

How do I request the visa?
In order to request a study visa (type D) you must pre-enroll through the Universitaly portal. Consult the guidelines here.
The pre-enrollment procedure must be completed at the competent diplomatic-consular mission and it is not complete with the sending of the pre-enrollment application only. Take an appointment with the Embassy here.

I have 11 years of schooling. Can I access a bachelor program?
According to the Italian ministerial regulations on enrollment in Italian public universities, student who applies to an undergraduate program must have completed at least 12 years of education, thus you cannot enroll in one of our Bachelor programs with 11 years of education. In order to fill this gap, you can apply and enroll in our Foundation Year preparatory program. Alternatively, you have to show that you have studied in any university for at least 1 year.

I have a British qualification/American high school diploma. Is there any specific requirement if I would like to apply to an undergraduate course?
Yes, if you have obtained a British or American high school title, there are the following requirements:
– British qualification: student must have passed at least 3 A-levels relevant to the course which student would like to study with passing grade.
– Scottish high school diploma: at least 3 Advanced Highers or at least 2 Advanced Highers + 4 Highers.
– American high school diploma: student must have passed at least 3 Advanced Placements (APs) with a grade from 3 to 5.
If you have not obtained the qualifications requested you can apply for our Foundation Year preparatory program.

I am an undergraduate course applicant but I have studied in an IB school/European school/a foreign school in Italy/a foreign school with Italian curriculum. How can I know if my qualification is valid for the undergraduate course?
Considering that there are so many schools of these categories, we can’t put a full list of acceptable schools here. If you have studied in one of the schools mentioned in the question, contact the Welcome Point and send us your school information. We will check it and give you a response shortly.

I am currently studying in another university and I would like to transfer to University of Pavia. Is it possible?
Transfers to courses in Italian are possible from June to October. Please see the Transfer/Recognition page.
For medical students wishing to transfer to our university in a medical course in English (Harvey Medical Course) please visit this page.
For medical students wishing to transfer to our University in a medical course in Italian (Medicine, Dentistry and Health care profession) please visit this page.

I am interested in studying dentistry in Italian at the University of Pavia, though I am a non EU student and didn’t study Italian. Do I have to take my own Italian courses first?
The Course in Dentistry is fully taught in Italian. Thus a B2 level of Italian is compulsory to be admitted. Only 5 non-EU students can be admitted provided they pass both the Italian test (you can be exempted if you hold one of the following certificates : CILS, CELI, Roma3 o CLIDA) and a national entry test which are both held in September in Pavia (the test has 60 questions about general culture, logics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths) .
If you need to learn Italian then the Foundation Year is meant for you. The Foundation Year is a preparatory course taught in Italian designed for students who want to access undergraduate degrees at the University of Pavia in Italian and need to learning Italian language skills. The Course is startinìg online in October. Get more info here.

Tuition Fee
What about tuition fees?
A student’s financial contribution is composed of two parts: a fixed fee and a variable fee. The fixed fee is € 156. The variable fee depends on the degree course and either family income (ISEE) or a flat rate (for non Eu only). The total amount of the tuition fees range from about €160 to €4500 per year. See more here.

Is there an application fee?
Yes, there is a 35 EUR fee for applying to Master’s and Bachelor’s degree programs.

I am a citizen of a non-EU country. I reside outside Italy. How is the tuition fee calculated?
For non-EU students residing outside Italy, the University of Pavia automatically applies the “flat rate”, which includes the fixed tax of 156 euros, it is determined by citizenship and it applies to students with a study visa and a regular permit of stay for study. The flat rate ranges from 400 euro to 4500 euro. For more details please see this page.

If it is more convenient, students can ask that their tuition fees are adjusted to their family financial situation.

I am a citizen of a EU country. I reside outside Italy. How is the tuition fee calculated?
Tuition fees for EU students is based on family income and range from about €160 to €4500 per year. For more information, please visit this page.

I am a citizen from a non-EU country but I reside in Italy. How is the tuition fee calculated for me?
Tuition fees for non-EU students residing in Italy is based on family income and range from about €160 to €4500 per year. For more information, please visit this page.

My tuition fees are based on family income, can I pay in installments?
Yes. For the academic year 2022/23, the tuition fee was split in 4 installments with this composition:
– 1st installment, 156 € + 20% of the variable fee, to be paid upon enrollment.
– 2nd installment, 30% of the variable fee.
– 3rd installment, 40% of the variable fee.
– 4th installment, 10% of the variable fee.

My tuition fees are based on flat rate, can I pay in installments?
Yes. For the academic year 2022/2023, tuition fees were split in 4 installments. The first installment corresponds to the fixed fee (156 €). The difference (tuition fee – 156 €) is split in three installments of equal amount.

Am I eligible for exemptions or reimbursements?
According to the Regulation of University of Pavia on fees, students who fulfill specific conditions can ask for an exemption or reimbursement. Please see this page.

Does the University of Pavia provide financial support/scholarship to students?
Yes, international prospective students can apply in order to obtain:

  • Call for Scholarships for International students from Afghanistan and Ukraine enrolled at the University of Pavia for the a.y. 2022-23
  • a tuition fee waiver managed by UNIPV (check here for the call 2022-23)
  • Grants for Foreign Citizens and Italian Citizens living Abroad awarded by the Italian government (please check here)
  • Scholarships to study in specific Degree programs (please see this page at section “Subject-specific Scholarships”).
  • a scholarship consisting of monetary contribution and services, which can include: a free meal/day at the canteens, exemption from paying the 3rd fee installment, and free accommodation in a University hall of residence. The grant amount depends on students’ economic condition and geographical origin managed by EDISU, the Government Agency for the right to study (check here the call, requirements and deadlines). The call 2023-24 will be published in late Spring/Summer 2023.

For a comprehensive list of scholarships and benefits please see this page.

Before and unpon arrival
How can I find an accommodation in Pavia?
There are many ways to find a nice place to stay in Pavia. Find the most useful information here.

How much is the cost for renting a room in Edisu collegi?
Fees can vary from a minimum of around 180 euros to a maximum of 300 euros per month for a single room, depending on the income tier and the collegio; from a minimum of 160 euros to a maximum of 250 euros for a place in a twin room depending on income tier and on the collegio.

How much is the cost for renting a room in a private flat?
Rooms can be single or double and usually cost from € 250 to € 350 per month, depending also on the area. The historic centre tends to be more expensive.
Pay attention to the voice “spese” (meaning additional costs such as light, gas, heating) mainly when there are “spese condominiali”: they can be very expensive (up to € 100 per month and per person).

What is the Codice Fiscale and how can I get it?
It is an alphanumeric code of 16 characters. The code serves to identify unambiguously individuals residing in Italy irrespective of residency status. The code is issued by the Italian tax office, the Agenzia delle Entrate. More details on how to request a tax code at this link – section Codice Fiscale.

Do I need to buy insurance in Italy?
If you’re from an EU country, you can use your European Health Card to get medical treatment. If you’re a foreign student who needs to apply for the permit of stay, you must buy one. Please visit this webpage (Documents required for your stay).

How can I apply for the Permit of Stay or how can I renew my permit of stay?
You can find the relative information always on Documents required for your stay webpage.

University life
What are the things I need to know for my university life?
Take a look at Campus where we have listed the most important things you should know during your study.

Is there any university canteen or café inside the campus?
Yes! Check the University Cafeterias page.

Is it possible to have discounts to travel in Pavia?
A: Sure! Enrolled students and students of certain exchange programs can apply for Pavia’s bus card which is called Unipass with a discounted annual price (around 25 euros).

Is there any gym where I can do sports?
A: Of course. Besides the gyms, you can also find swimming pools, football fields, volleyball fields etc in Pavia. Take a look at the page Sport.

How can I see a doctor if I don’t feel well?
If you’re from an EU country, you can use directly your European Health Card to get medical treatment. If you have registered with the Italian National Health Service (SSN), you can choose your own family doctor at ATS and for any need you can go directly to the family doctor without any additional payment.

Does the University have a psychological support service?
Yes, a Psychological Counselling Service is active. This free service (in Italian and English) is for students, teachers and technical-administrative staff. The talks will take place via the Zoom video call platform with the necessary guarantees to protect privacy. To access, simply book according to the indications published on the related page.

Is there a library inside the University of Pavia?
Of course, and more than one! The University of Pavia has 9 libraries to serve its various faculties. The Library System of the Pavia University has activated online access to several e-books and e-journals. The list of the e-journals and e-books with reserved or free online access is available in Link Up (the specific service dedicated to the online resources) and in the Pavia Union Catalogue (OPAC) and the Italian union Catalogue of Serials (ACNP). More detailed information at this page.
To be admitted to the University Libraries, the user must apply to the library of his interest, using the Affluences App (if the library is reached by this service, also available in the web version https://www.affluences.com) or by sending an e-mail to the addresses listed in the extraordinary plan Phase 3.1. For the duration of the health emergency, the local and interlibrary loan will continue to be provided in ‘contactless’ mode and possibly even at home. Read more here.

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