University Library System (SiBA)

The University Library System consists of 9 libraries, to serve the various faculties. Included are:

  • Biblioteca della Scienza e della Tecnica (Science and Technology)
  • Biblioteca della Scienze (Science)
  • Biblioteca di Area Media “Adolfo Ferrata” (Medicine)
  • Biblioteca di Economica (Economics)
  • Biblioteca di Giurisprudenze (Law)
  • Biblioteca di Scienze Politiche e Sociali (Political and Social Science)
  • Biblioteca di Dipartimento di Musicologia e Beni Culturali (Musicology and Cultural Heritage)
  • Biblioteca di Studi Umanistici (Humanities)

Documents owned by these libraries are listed in the Online Public Access Catalogue, so students can locate their required books. The Catologue also includes documents offered in public libraries.

For more information see the website: http://libraries.unipv.it/


Other libraries

Students can access more than 130 libraries located in Pavia and its province, holding 1,500,000 documents. Despite its name, the picturesque Biblioteca Universitaria di Pavia is not one of the University libraries, but can be accessed by students. Although not open as a study area, it is possible to borrow books and read manuscripts.

As each library has different opening hours and rules, it is best to consult their specific webpage.

Other resources include museums, research centres, and the new Pavia Digital Archive.



Your course instructors will give you information about the books and course materials you will need. In some instances, you may receive handouts; in others you’ll have to purchase the necessary materials. The course books are available at the libraries.
Books can be borrowed for one month if they are not part of an official exam bibliography, in which case the loan could be as short as a few hours.

You may photocopy in libraries, but please note that in Italy it is illegal to photocopy more than 15% of a book.


Study Rooms

Central Campus (“Polo Centrale”) 08.00 – 19.30

  • “Aula Studentesse” – Strada Nuova 65 – maximum capacity 22 seats
  • “Aula di Scienze Politiche” – Strada Nuova 65 – maximum capacity 26 seats

San Felice building (“Palazzo San Felice”) 09.00 – 18.30

  • “Chiesetta di San Felice”  – Via S. Felice 5, at Economics Department – maximum capacity 45 seats

Cravino Campus (“Polo Cravino”) 09.00 – 18.30

  • “Aula Ed. Didattica” – maximum capacity 28 seats
  • “Aula Melanzana” – first floor – maximum capacity 22 seats
  • “Aula Melanzana” – ground floor (temporarily closed)



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