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The University of Pavia at Dubai Expo – “Remote Sensing” sector

The University of Pavia, together with the National Research Council (CNR) and two other Italian Universities, is currently at Dubai Expo to represent the Italian Excellence in the field of “Remote Sensing”.

Earth observation is experiencing a moment of extraordinary growth thanks to the substantial investments of Space Agencies and private players, and thanks to technological progress in the construction of new sensors which are mounted on board satellites, airplanes and drones.

These tools allow to monitor our planet and the climate change, control volcanoes, measure the effects of earthquakes, monitor soil, buildings and infrastructure.

Thanks to its tradition of leading research in the field of Remote Sensing, Italy plays a fundamental role in the International Arena and is at the forefront of research with two missions of the Italian Space Agency (ASI): “COSMO-SkyMed” and “PRISMA”.


Learn more: http://news.unipv.it/?p=61352


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