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Lessons, exams and graduation rules in second semester 2022

The Crisis Unit of the University of Pavia, convened and chaired by the Rector,  met on 10/01/22 to establish the most appropriate measures to deal with the pandemic, ensuring the maximum possible functionality of the University, the right to study and work safety with special attention to vulnerable people.

Considering the recent legislation introduced at national level, the explanatory note issued by the MIUR, the resolutions of the Academic Senate of 11/15/21 and 12/14/21, in addition to the evolution of the pandemic, the Crisis Unit has agreed what follows.

Written exams

As regards written exams, it is confirmed that they must be carried out in person to ensure their full regularity.

Only students who fall into one of the following categories have the right to sit the exams remotely (oral and written):

– students with green-pass suspended due to a positive COVID-19 test result;

– students in quarantine as assessed by a medical certificate or by the ATS (local health office);

– students with a certified vulnerability (by a medical certificate) whose participation in an in-presence exam is explicitly considered dangerous (for their own health or of others);

– students with certified disabilities whose participation in an in-presence exam is considered dangerous (for their own health or of others). If necessary, the professor can require an advice from SAISD (Assistance and integration service for disabled students).

Professors are recommended to define an organization that avoids gatherings. It is also advisable to start the exams no earlier than 9:30, to streamline urban and extra-urban mobility.

Oral exams

As for oral exams, the opportunity to sit them online is confirmed, if this does not go to the detriment of a correct evaluation. In case of online oral exams, the teacher is recommended to consider any requests from students to take the exam in presence anyway.

If oral exams are to be held in person, the professor is recommended to define an adequate schedule in order to avoid gatherings. It is also recommended to consider any requests from students to sit the oral exam remotely when supported by valid objective reasons (such as cohabitation with vulnerable relatives). Finally, it is advisable to start the exam session in presence not before 9:30 am to streamline urban and extra-urban mobility.

Booking an exam

The student must book as usual, through the Esse3 platform (Student portal). In the event that one of the aforementioned reasons exists to carry out an exam remotely, students must promptly notify the professor providing a certificates. It is also recommended to briefly specify the request and the reasons within the “notes” section of Esse3 to ensure a proper organization and avoid errors.

Graduation exams

Graduation exams are usually held in person but may be exceptionally held online upon authorization by the Department Director or by the Faculty President.

The four categories of students mentioned above (for written exams) have the right to take the graduation exam remotely.

The number of participants admitted to in-presence graduation exams must be established by the Department Director or the Faculty President according to the location, also to ensure social distancing inside and outside the premises.

External visitors will be allowed to access the graduation sessions only if in possession of a “reinforced” green-pass* and FFP2 mask.

Remaining lessons of the 1st semester

The remaining lessons of the 1st semester continue to be held in person, but it is advisable to carry them out via video-streaming as well.

In any case, it is confirmed that for all courses the lessons video-recordings must be available online.

If deemed absolutely necessary, the degree programs boards can decide to carry out the remaining lessons of the 1st semester remotely, thus ensuring a uniform decision for all the degree program courses.

The laboratory activities continue to be carried out in presence.

Face masks

It is strongly recommended to use the FFP2 mask in the University premises for both staff and students.

It is mandatory to wear FFP2 masks when attending competitions or sport events (both outdoors and indoors) or shows, musical events or film screenings.


To participate in all university activities (lessons, workshops …) and to enter university canteens, students are required to hold a “basic” green-pass.

The “reinforced” green-pass* is required for external visitors and students for all non-typical activities (congresses, various events, access to museums …) as well as for indoor sports activities in the gym, including the changing rooms.

For what concerns libraries, students are allowed to access with a “basic” green-pass only for consultation and loan reasons. The loan and the return of the book material will continue to be provided in contactless mode.

“Reinforced” green-pass* is required to use the reading rooms in libraries and study rooms as well.

For EDiSU Colleges, please refer to the specific indications of EDiSU.

The green-pass is not required for children under the age of 12 and for the categories of people exempted by the law.


* “Reinforced” green pass is issued for vaccination or recovery only. It does not therefore include a COVID-19 negative test result.

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